A book is now hiding in Minneapolis, MN United States

Hidden on: 05/12/2018

Title: The Trumpet Of The Swan

Author: E.B. White

Tracking Number: 3958

Location: Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis, MN United States


20-8-5 16-1-18-11 2-21-9-12-4-9-14-7



  1. Hi! We searched all around the park building and could not find the book. We couldn’t get inside the building… have you checked lately if it is still there?

    Thank you!

  2. are you sure you looked everywhere? I was going to look for it, but…

  3. We thought we looked everywhere… but see if you can find it. Maybe we missed it!

  4. Grace O'Brien

    I am on my way there are you sure you could not find it?

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