Greetings, Scavenger!


Garrison Griswold here to welcome you to the wonderful world of Book Scavenger. We are a community of book lovers, puzzle lovers, and treasure hunters. Are you too? Then come along and join us!

Inspired by Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, readers around the world are hiding and scavenging beloved books to share their love of reading. You can play along!


Here is how the game works:

STEP 1: Choose a book! Acquire a copy of Book Scavenger, The Unbreakable Code, The Alcatraz Escape, or any one of your favorite children’s books that you’d like to share with others.

Step 2: Hide the book in a public place for another reader to discover. Report the hidden book at HIDE & FIND BOOKS  so readers know to seek it out.

Step 3: Share your experience on social media using #BookScavenger


If you want to find a book, visit HIDE & FIND BOOKS or LATEST ACTIVITY to see if there is one hidden near you. When you have found a book, make sure to report your find at HIDE & FIND BOOKS. Then start at Step 1 and keep the cycle going. Let’s see how far these books can travel!


And don’t forget the Book Scavenger motto:

“Life is a game, and books
are the tokens.”

Happy reading!

Garrison Griswold

The Alcatraz Escape

The next mystery in the bestselling

Garrison Griswold

Who is Garrison Griswold?

Garrison Griswold is the publisher of Bayside Press and an innovator of games and puzzles. He is the creator of Book Scavenger, a book hunting game where players hide used books in public places and log clues to the hidden books at Mr. Griswold is rumored to have a new, mysterious game in the works . . .