A book was found in Dorchester, Nebraska!

A book was found by Deb N.in 506 W. 9th, Dorchester, Nebraska

Title : Book Scavenger
Author : Jennifer Bertman
Tracking Number : C60



  1. Katherine M.

    Why is his name spelled “Griswold” everywhere except here, where it’s spelled “Griswald”? I sense something fishy.

  2. Is book scavenger a true story

  3. Hi,Shirley Wombat I love the way you solved the riddle in the book.

  4. Willow Heath

    Are you the real Shirley wambat from the book scavenger? 😮😯😦 I LOVE ❤️ BOOK 📚SCAVENGER so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please reply to me.

  5. Maddie Miller

    Can u hide other books other than Book Scavenger for people to find?

  6. So has anyone hidden a book in gainesville georgia

  7. Look at big Nate lives it up in Salt Lake City post

  8. King Of Cool

    I ❤️ Book Scavenger 📚🏃👣

  9. hello I’m NoNfIcTiOnKiNg I’m a proud goodreads member and I follow Jennifer. So I want to know why this is from garrison Griswold

  10. Seoyoon Kim

    I love the pigpen cipher! It’s really cool!

  11. ShinyPenguinGirl

    OMG is it really you, Jennifer Chambliss Bertman? we are doing something called sakura medal books, and your book was chosen! 😉

  12. can someone hide a book/books in Decatur,Alabama?

  13. Thomas Lane Estes

    Wait.Is this really Jennifer Chambliss Bertman thats awesome

  14. Whoa. Are you really Jennifer Chambliss Bertman?!?

  15. Whoa

  16. Ms. Bertram, Can you please do a few book scavenger events and hunts here in Cincinnati, Ohio? I live here but find it hard to attend events out of state or town…

  17. Jenny fan227

    Omg my class skypedmwirh you, Mrs. Jennifer! The K.R.A.Z.E class from San Antonio Christian schools. I did not get to ask you my question: what was your favorite part to write about? Thanks!
    Lizzie Gonzales

  18. Jenny fan227


  19. Carissa, A.K.A. Car-ie

    I love Book Scavenger, do you actually make an account on here?

    • Midnight4497

      I don’t think you could make an account now, but maybe they’ll change the website a litttle to accomadate for that.

  20. so how do you find out ur rank???I think i would be an Encyclopedia Brown but I’m not sure and i REALLY want to find out


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