Hidden on: 06/19/2017

Title: Upside Down Magic

Author: Sarah Mlynoski

Tracking Number: S64

Location: The Villages at Cupertino, Cupertino, California United States


This is a Nancy Drew level type of clue. A= 1, B=2, C=3… Z = 26 and so on. It is a cipher.

7,15 20,15 20,8,5 19,23,9,13,13,9,14,7 16,15,15,12. 6,9,14,4, 20,8,5 2,15,15,11 9,14 20,8,5 (14,5,1,18 20,8,5) 2-2-17 7,18,9,12,12.

Go to the Villages at Cupertino the apartements and to the swimming pool area. The swimming pool is in the big grassy area taht looks likea park where there is a volley ball court and tennis courts.