Hidden on: 05/30/2017

Title: The Mysterious Benedict Society

Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

Tracking Number: R23

Location: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California


You may decode this cipher be looking in the book scavenger book:
Dxl zbww ibfq nu bf vku jwtdcpxlfq vktv bs hwlu.

Xlv sbqu vku uekx ektnhup hlv aupd ewxsu.

4 Responses to “A book is now hiding in San Francisco, California!”

  1. Kreeya M.

    I looked for this book but could not find it. Is there another clue as to where it can be found?

  2. Josh

    I have deciphered your code. Are there any other hints you can give before I go book hunting tomorrow?

  3. Sparkle103

    I went hunting this evening and I couldn’t find it. Do you have any more clues?