Hidden on: 07/14/2017

Title: The Potato Chip Puzzles

Author: Eric Berlin

Tracking Number: U05

Location: Rolla Middle School, Rolla, MO United States


At the school in the middle:

A colorful place to rest your head
In the middle of a flower bed.


3 Responses to “(FOUND) A book is now hiding in Rolla, MO United States”

  1. Mary

    Hello, I searched for the book today and could not find it. Do I need to dig? I don’t want to dig up underneath the bed area unless I know that I should. I’m afraid somebody might have already taken the book. I’m pretty sure I have the right place because Miss Garner gave me a clue as I didn’t know about bed parts being there as I’m new to the school.

  2. Sarah

    My children and I hid the book. It was not buried. We went and tried to find it. Someone must have taken it without registering their find. I am so sorry. I hope you enjoyed reading Book Scavenger as much as we did.