Hidden on: 11/19/2017

Title: The Cupcake Club

Author: Sheryl and Carrie Berk

Tracking Number: AA52

Location: Hessel Park, Champaign, Illinois United States


struoc sinnet


6 Responses to “A book is now hiding in Champaign, Illinois United States (FOUND)”

  1. Zander

    Hi there! My family and I went to go look for this book but could not find it at the specified location. Any hints that could be given as to where the specific place that the cipher gives could have a book. And maybe someone forgot to say they found it?

    • Alison

      I think you guys just missed it. I’m guessing based on what I’ve seen that updates get approved before they appear so my bet is the book was found just before you guys were looking. But I’m excited to hear others looking. I hope we can get some activity going in CU!!

  2. Someone

    Yes, me too. I’ve been wanting to hide books for so long, but I’ve always forgotten… Check in soon!