Hidden on: 11/25/2017

Title: The (almost) perfect guide to imperfect boys

Author: Barbra Dee

Tracking Number: AA81

Location: World Champion Taekwondo sports plex, fairfield, connecticut United States


Follow bellow:
1. Think of a number not to hard to do math with
2. Then add 10
3. +15
4. -7
5. Subtract the number in “step one”
6. Divide by two
7. +{8×4+7-[5x(4+4)]+(3×6)}
8. -(the sum of 5 and 10)
9. Now remember this number….
Solve: Hxxs, next to, Hufeks*
suenbemruouynddeetihw,htneuntcoewtshattyanmmiest (3,6,3,5,4,4,5,4,4,4,5.)**
* Hint:use pg 72 in the book, book scavenger.
**Hint: use the numbers for…spliting…letters.