Hidden on: 12/29/2017

Title: Little Women

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Tracking Number: AC16

Location: Alamo Park, Vacaville, California United States


Up high with kids playing nearby.


3 Responses to “A book is now hiding in Vacaville, California United States”

  1. Rachel McFarland

    I know where it is but, I live on the opposite side of the country.

  2. Chieri

    😂😅 I live in a town/city nearish to Vacaville (I go there once every week for ice skating lessons but I don’t go anywhere else in Vacaville) and I just finished reading Book Scavenger. Have you been to Alamo Park before? Is that why you know where it is? It’s pretty interesting how you know where it is even though you live so far away.