Hidden on: 06/28/2018

Title: The Boxcar Children #8

Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner

Tracking Number: 4738

Location: Dunegant Park, Florissant, MO United States


82 62 31 32 72
81 42 32
41 72 32 32 62
73 53 43 31 32

(use a phone to crack the code)


3 Responses to “A book is now hiding in Florissant, MO United States”

  1. audrey

    I have never decoded a message let alone with a phone so if you could give a little more info that would be great

  2. Natalie D

    We came to the park and looked where the clue said, but there was no book.

  3. Eli

    Someone must have taken it because I checked and it was not there. The website didn’t say someone found it. Sorry for making you look for nothing.