Hidden on: 06/11/2018

Title: The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail

Author: Richard Peck

Tracking Number: 4507

Location: Tiburon, CA, Tiburon, USA United States


Think of Tiburon’s mascot but don’t be fooled it’s not a shark because sharks don’t have swaybacks unlike this animal mascot. Once you figure out which Tiburon animal mascot we’re talking about go to a place named after this animal. Once you are there instead of following the yellow brick road follow the thing that has the golden spike nailed into it and there lay your prize!!!


One Response to “A book is now hiding in Tiburon, USA United States”

  1. Ana Juliestone

    Hello every body! I am the one you posted this book and went to check it on Friday and it was not there!!! So 1. Don’t go look for this book because it’s not there and 2. If you have found this book please make sure to log it in as FOUND! Thank you and enjoy your the rest of you weekend!