Hidden on: 06/10/2018

Title: ramona and her father

Author: beverly cleary

Tracking Number: A98

Location: Highcrest Middle School, Wilmette, Illinois United States

BirthYear: 2007


ababb, aaaaa, abaaa, ababa, aaaaa, abbba, aaaaa, aaaba, abaab, aaaaa, aabba, aabaa, aaaaa, abbaa, aaabb, aabab, abaaa, abbaa, aaabb, babba, abbab, baabb, baaaa, abbba, baaaa, abaaa, babbb, aabaa

3 Responses to “A book is now hiding in Wilmette, Illinois United States”

    • BunnyBean

      Can you at least give a little hint? Thanks!

      – – BunnyBean

  1. BunnyBean

    Is it one of the codes / ciphers from one of the Book Scavenger series?