Hidden on: 07/08/2018

Title: The House on Stone’s Throw Island

Author: Dan Poblocki

Tracking Number: 4948

Location: Maggie Mae’s Kid’s Bookshop, Gresham, 43 NW 3rd St. OR 97030 United States


Enter shop, walk up to front desk, say these words : ” Ia earha etha ibraryla isa onlya a one’ssa rowtha romfa ereha?” They will give you the book, or at least let you look for it (unless it’s too late!).


2 Responses to “FOUND: A book is now hiding in Gresham, 43 NW 3rd St. OR 97030 United States”

  1. Blakely Bresee (writer of this clue)

    The map is wrong. I don’t know why, but Maggie Mae’s is not in the middle of an intersection. Just use the address. Sorry about that, folks.

  2. Once more Blakely

    Once more, I know that someone got the book. It is gone. I checked with the owner, and someone that very week took it.