Hidden on: 08/16/2018

Title: Best In Children’s Books

Author: Multiple

Tracking Number: 5523

Location: Timber Banks Golf Course Neighborhood, Baldwinsville, NY United States


Take Long Shadow Drive down to the circle, then look at the creek. Look at the right side, or maybe it’s on the left. It goes under the road, so check both sides. Find it now, then read, then enter, then follow instructions to re hide it. Thanks,
Sadie Kane


One Response to “A book is now hiding in Baldwinsville, NY United States (FOUND)”

  1. Sadie Kane

    Hi people. Alright, I am hiding another book soon, and will be in the baldwinsville area. If you are near or in baldwinsville, congrats! You will be sent on a book hunt to receive a prize!I am sending you on a game of my own, traveling the baldwinsville area. Now the prize is top secret, and if you found this first book, say you found it, and keep a eye out for the next one. I hope you like adventure, because you are going on one! The next is in, know what? I’m not going to tell you. It can be anywhere, so keep a eye out! Re hide it anywhere you like. Sadie Kane Out.