Hidden on: 07/02/2020

Title: Book Scavenger

Author: Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

Tracking Number: 13009

Location: Daniel Boone Homestead, Birdsboro, PENNSYLVANIA United States


Head to the outdoors
Where you stand here,
At Daniel Boone’s birthplace
Was once the frontier.

Hunt where he hunted
Walk the trails that he tread,
Don’t enter at the main gate
Park outside the second entrance, instead.

Like Daniel Boone did
Walk .3 miles north and west,
Turn right with the path
Then go .1 mile at best.

Look for frogs under the footbridge
Birds and butterflies,
Deer, fox, and turtles
Just open your eyes.

Time for a shaded rest
Follow the clues of the trees,
Use pigpen cipher
To decode three of these (see pic).

If you need help with the trees
Use a phone with an app,
iNaturalist is one
Or you can try out LeafSnap.

When you find these three trees
There’s a place for a rest.
Seek the shade at a table,
Look up to end your quest.