Hidden on: 01/30/2022

Title: The Secret Of The Faries

Author: Thea Stiltson

Tracking Number: 5215

Location: Millikin Basics Plus Elementary School, Sunnyvale, California United States


CLUE IS AT BOTTOM, BUT READ THIS FIRST. The address of Millikin Basics Plus Elementary School is 615 Hobart Terrace, Santa Clara, CA 95051. I don’t have a printer, so the ‘you found this book’ message is handwritten. Also, the book is in a ziplock. Please wait till January 31st local time before looking for this book, as it may not be placed before then. Now, time for the very cringe-y clue:
[If I was lost, oh no! Where would I go? That’s where I’ll be. Please do find me!]