A book is now hiding in Oakland, California United States

Hidden on: 01/31/2021

Title: Word-A-Day

Author: Mickey Bach

Tracking Number: 15043

Location: 1544 Everett Ave, Oakland, CA United States


——————– FREE! ——————–
Hidden in a bag among its own kind yet not quite fitting.


A book is now hiding in Eppelborn, Saarland Germany

Hidden on: 01/31/2021

Title: Ponyhof Apfelblüte. Paulina und Lancelot

Author: Pippa Young

Tracking Number: 15024

Location: Christus Kapelle Eppelborn, Eppelborn, Saarland Germany


„Gib, daß Leichtsinn, Habsucht,
und die Aug`nicht blenden’;
daß mit Liebe wir uns mühn,
Deine Schöpfung zu ballenden!“

F. Rivinus


A book is now hiding in Sammamish, Washington United States

Hidden on: 01/30/2021

Title: Look Who’s Playing First Base

Author: Matt Christopher

Tracking Number: 15000

Location: Gazebo Park, Sammamish, Washington United States


3+ ;+ 2808’8!8(8 .5(= 16(); ;+ 16*! ;48 2++=

485! !+]* ;48 ;(560 5*! ;4(+?34 ;48 ]++!)

.+. +?; +* 3(5)) 5*! 1+00+] ;48 ;(560

=88. );(5634; 5; 2+;4 1+(=) 5*! 3+ !+]* ;48 05(38 4600

1+00+] ;48 2(?)4 06*8 ;+ ;48 081;

5*! 0++= 2: 5 ;(88 ]6;4 8[.+)8! (++;) 1+( ;48 2++=

Use Captain Kidd Code by Edgar Allen Poe

A book is now hiding in moraga, california United States

Hidden on: 01/29/2021

Title: Dragon Slayers Academy The New Kid At School

Author: Kate McMullan

Tracking Number: 15022

Location: moraga commons -rheem valley pet shop, moraga, california United States


next to the pet shop, by the rocks

put a book in its place don’t just take


A book is now hiding in Port Washington, New York United States

Hidden on: 01/27/2021

Title: The Great Gilly Hopkins

Author: Katherine Paterson

Tracking Number: 15010

Location: flower hill, Port Washington Ny, New York United States


Flowers are in the name but there is not very many
even in the rain you can still play for the playground is ropes.


A book is now hiding in Aurora, Colorado United States

Hidden on: 01/26/2021

Title: Ralph S. Mouse

Author: Beverly Cleary

Tracking Number: 98377

Location: Larkspur Park, Aurora, Colorado United States


The book you seek is hidden where most people are, look carefully and you will find the book you need.