Bring Book Scavenger to Your Community

Would you like more books hidden near you? Or more people looking for the books you hide? Here are some ideas to encourage Book Scavenger activity in your area.

  • Start a Book Scavenger Club. You can do this informally with friends, or ask a teacher or librarian for help starting a club at your school or local library. If you are lucky enough to live near an independent bookstore, they often host book groups and might be interested in a Book Scavenger-themed club too! 
  • Plan a Book Scavenger Event. Maybe it’s a Book Scavenger-themed party, a book club meeting, an event to kick off a summer reading program, or a book-centered way to celebrate a theme . . . Designate a day or weekend (or month even!) for participants to hide and find books. 
  • One Book, One School or City. Book Scavenger has been selected by numerous schools, libraries, and even cities as a community-wide read. The American Library Association Public Programs Office has wonderful resources for building community-wide reading programs.

Contact Jennifer Chambliss Bertman to see if having a website page personalized for your event is possible. She may also be able to share ideas and resources from previous events, provide signed bookmarks and stickers, make a personalized video, or even make a virtual or in-person appearance for your event!

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