Bring Book Scavenger to Your Community

Do you wish the Book Scavenger game was real? Here are some ideas for bringing Book Scavenger to life:

  • Start a Book Scavenger Club. We are working on an official Book Scavenger Club kit. Sign up here to be notified when it’s available. In the meantime, you can start a club informally with friends, or ask a teacher or librarian for help starting a club at your school or local library. If you are lucky enough to live near an independent bookstore, they often host book groups and might be interested in a Book Scavenger-themed club too! 
  • Plan a Book Scavenger Event. Maybe it’s a Book Scavenger-themed party, a book club meeting, an event to kick off a summer reading program, or a book-centered way to celebrate a theme . . . Designate a day or weekend (or month even!) for participants to hide and find books. 
  • One Book, One School or City. Book Scavenger has been selected by numerous schools, libraries, and even cities as a community-wide read. The American Library Association Public Programs Office has wonderful resources for building community-wide reading programs.

Contact Jennifer Chambliss Bertman to inquire about sending bookmarks and stickers, autographed books or bookplates, a personalized video, or virtual or in-person appearances for your event!

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