Kids Activity Book

When Book Scavenger was selected as the Youth One Book One Denver selection in 2016, the city of Denver put together this wonderful activity book. Although some of it specifically pertains to that summer’s events, there are many puzzles and projects that can be done at any time or that might serve as a springboard for ideas if you’re looking to complement the Book Scavenger series with additional activities.

Book Scavenger Map

Download a BOOK SCAVENGER’s guide to San Francisco!

  • This map was originally used for a scavenger hunt across San Francisco for hidden copies of Book Scavenger during the ALA conference in June 2015. The map is a fun bonus for readers as it highlights many of the real-life locations featured in the novel.

Breakout EDU

Numerous teachers have mentioned Breakout EDU as a wonderful companion to reading Book Scavenger with their students. Through teamwork and critical thinking, groups work together to solve a series of puzzles designed around the topic of your choice in order to break into a locked box. Learn more on the Breakout EDU website.

The Unbreakable Code Scavenger Hunt Event Kit

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Book Crossing


If Book Scavenger alone isn’t quenching your thirst for book hunting, check out Book Crossing. Book Crossing, an incredibly cool website, served as part of the inspiration for Book Scavenger. On Book Crossing, 1.3 million readers worldwide have hidden more than 10 million books! Explore more here.


Another piece of the inspiration for Book Scavenger was geocaching. Millions of geocaches have been hidden across the world offering waiting for treasure hunters and adventurers to find them. Visit the website to learn more.


Letterboxing is another treasure hunt style activity than many people are participating in. Visit the website to find out more.

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries are exactly what they sound like–small libraries placed in public places for you to take a book and leave a book in return. Anyone can be the steward of a Little Free Library and you can find them all over the world. Visit the website to learn more!