How well do you know Book Scavenger? Could you beat the author in a trivia contest about her own book? Find out by watching this episode of Author Fan Face-Off, hosted by Steve Sheinkin and Stacey Rattner, and see how well you do.

Book Scavenger Kid Activity Book

(A guide prepared for One Book, One Denver 2016)

When Book Scavenger was selected as the Youth One, Book One Denver selection in 2016, the city of Denver put together this wonderful activity book. Although some of it pertains specifically to that summer’s events, there are many puzzles and projects that can be done at any time, or that might serve as a springboard for ideas to complement the Book Scavenger series with additional activities.

Book Scavenger Map

Download a BOOK SCAVENGER’s guide to San Francisco!

Originally used for a scavenger hunt event in San Francisco during the ALA Annual Conference in 2015, this map highlights many of the real-life locations featured in the novel.

Breakout EDU

Many educators have used Breakout EDU as a companion to reading Book Scavenger with their students. Through teamwork and critical thinking, groups work together to solve a series of puzzles designed around the topic of your choice.

Learn more on the Breakout EDU website.

Book Scavenger Quizzes

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Crack these Codes

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Book Scavenger Party Kit

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Can’t get enough of book sharing and treasure hunting? Try some of these other activities too!

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