A book is now hiding in issaquah, washington United States

Hidden on: 10/19/2019

Title: Journey on a runaway train

Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner

Tracking Number: 10366

Location: cul de sac at 24356 SE 43rd Pl Issaquah, WA, issaquah, washington United States


Finding takes some courage
and feels like  twisty maze.
No one ever  simply
Finds a hidden place.

But if you look around
In Issaquah, Klahanie
Eventually you’ll find
The gem that little tawny.
Look under the rock in the bushes
By swamp that lays behind
The metal fence that lined
Playground that unsigned.

The swamp by cul de sac.
Be careful to look.
You’ll  find a plastic sack
That has a treasure book.