Hidden on: 08/19/2021

Title: Splendors and Glooms

Author: Laura Amy Schlitz

Tracking Number: 4197

Location: By the cornell college Small Sports Center, Mount Vernon, IOWA United States


This clue will give you the gps coordinates-just type them into google maps.
The coordinates: A.BCD, -E.FGHI
A = 82/2
B = Square root of 8464
C = 39 + 32
D = 11 x 6
E = B – 1
F = A + 1
G = The number of US states
H = How many miles sound will travel in space
I = The number of colors in the rainbow minus 3

Now if you plug in those coordinates, it will lead you to a tree. Climb the tree, and at the biggest V intersection of branches, which is about as high as you can climb, that is where the book will be. Happy Scavenging!!!
The book will be hidden by tomorrow (8/19/21) at the latest.