Hidden on: 08/02/2021

Title: Hoot

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Tracking Number: 4055

Location: Stevens park, Santa Barbara, California United States


Unscramble words with a SMILEY 😀 face BEFORE them.
😀Rttsa 😀yb 🤩entering. Find the thing that 😀nstur
😀duaorn on the big 🥸play 🤓structure. 🥳Which way does it 😀ttli to? Go the opposite way. 👚There is a big 😀eatml thing that way. Face towards the 😀kingpar 😀otl. On the 😀ablet Then do a quarter of a circle spin. A big 😀spieyk plant with a tunnel is that way. Go in the tunnel and go 😀eflt.

Hint: skip until the part that has an emoji that doesn’t fit in with the others.