A book is now hiding in Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand

Hidden on: 07/24/2020

Title: shark shock

Author: andy baxter

Tracking Number: 13221

Location: Chedworth Park Hamilton, hamilton, waikato New Zealand


right at the back
where the trees are black
is where you will find your sack

A book is now hiding in Auckland, Auckland New Zealand

Hidden on: 09/13/2019

Title: A Wrinkle In Time

Author: Madeleine L’engle

Tracking Number: 10013

Location: Sandringham, Auckland, Auckland New Zealand


The book is slidden under Sandringham’s long metal tail.


A book is now hiding in tauranga, new zealand United States

Hidden on: 04/15/2018

Title: slippery slopes high hopes and my winter dream boy

Author: liz elwes

Tracking Number: 3102

Location: in a tree, tauranga, newzealand United States


a tall twisty tree up a steep drive way


(FOUND) A book is now hiding in Hamilton, Hamilton New Zealand

Hidden on: 04/02/2018

Title: The Big Wish

Author: Brandon Robshaw

Tracking Number: 3419

Location: Portobello Way, Hamilton, Hamilton New Zealand


In front of the orange house

Where brick turns to wood

Your wish you shall find