(FOUND) A book is now hiding in Oakland, California United States

Hidden on: 05/08/2021

Title: land of stories #3

Author: Chris Colfer

Tracking Number:

Location: Bridgeview trail, Friends of Sausal Creek Native Plant and Pollinator Garden, Oakland, California United States


you need Conners sense of Adventure and Alex’s Wits,
if you have these, the difficulty will ease,
Follow the orange AEGGFLD path to the hidden RIATL where you will be called by summer abundant RUFIT,
big cement blocks you will find
then use your mind

unscramble the capital words

(FOUND) A book is now hiding in Los Gatos, California United States

Hidden on: 04/24/2021

Title: The Girl of Ink and Stars

Author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Tracking Number: 15853

Location: Oak Meadow Park, Los Gatos, California United States



If there isn’t enough letters than use some twice.

If you need another clue the first and last words are backwards below this sentence.

1st: eerT

Last: hcneB

5 words total

(FOUND) A book is now hiding in Huntington Beach, CA United States

Hidden on: 03/14/2021

Title: Frindle

Author: Andrew Clements

Tracking Number: 15038

Location: Near Havenfield Park, in the Music Track, Huntington Beach, CA United States


Lucy dId noT Throw the baLl to mE
oLIver knew BRiAn wRapped Your present
the Old maN
Ran His cAt with a caP SO someboDY
DRied him off.


(FOUND) A book is now hiding in Irvine, California United States

Hidden on: 02/17/2021

Title: Flora and Ulysses

Author: Kate Dicamillo

Tracking Number: 15234

Location: The Great Park, Irvine, California United States


How do you make a window? Once you find out, go to that place. Look around the window for a big
green ____.


A book is now hiding in Oakland, California United States

Hidden on: 01/31/2021

Title: Word-A-Day

Author: Mickey Bach

Tracking Number: 15043

Location: 1544 Everett Ave, Oakland, CA United States


——————– FREE! ——————–
Hidden in a bag among its own kind yet not quite fitting.


A book is now hiding in moraga, california United States

Hidden on: 01/29/2021

Title: Dragon Slayers Academy The New Kid At School

Author: Kate McMullan

Tracking Number: 15022

Location: moraga commons -rheem valley pet shop, moraga, california United States


next to the pet shop, by the rocks

put a book in its place don’t just take


A book is now hiding in Orinda, California United States

Hidden on: 01/24/2021

Title: The Hardy Boys: The House on the Cliff

Author: Franklin W. Dixon

Tracking Number: 14987

Location: Mulholland Ridge, Orinda, California United States


This book is hidden on “the ridge.” If you’ve never been up here before, you’re in for a treat! Bring your family for a nice walk. (And bring a jacket — it’s often foggy and chilly).

Near the entrance to MOFD Firetrail 44-11 (about 1,030′ past 89 Donald Drive on the right-hand side), you will find a lockbox with a book inside. Solve the magic square puzzle below (in the image), and use the three numbers in the RIGHT-HAND COLUMN to open the box.

Keep the fun going! Don’t just leave the box empty. Bring a book (but not a library book!) and leave it locked in the box for the next book scavenger to find.

In a 3×3 magic square puzzle like this one, you use number 1-9. You may use each number ONLY ONCE. You will know you have solved the puzzle correctly when the numbers in EACH row, column and diagonal add up to 15.