A book is now hiding in Orinda, California United States

Hidden on: 01/24/2021

Title: The Hardy Boys: The House on the Cliff

Author: Franklin W. Dixon

Tracking Number: 14987

Location: Mulholland Ridge, Orinda, California United States


This book is hidden on “the ridge.” If you’ve never been up here before, you’re in for a treat! Bring your family for a nice walk. (And bring a jacket — it’s often foggy and chilly).

Near the entrance to MOFD Firetrail 44-11 (about 1,030′ past 89 Donald Drive on the right-hand side), you will find a lockbox with a book inside. Solve the magic square puzzle below (in the image), and use the three numbers in the RIGHT-HAND COLUMN to open the box.

Keep the fun going! Don’t just leave the box empty. Bring a book (but not a library book!) and leave it locked in the box for the next book scavenger to find.

In a 3×3 magic square puzzle like this one, you use number 1-9. You may use each number ONLY ONCE. You will know you have solved the puzzle correctly when the numbers in EACH row, column and diagonal add up to 15.