Hidden on: 07/15/2017

Title: Wandmaker

Author: Ed Masess

Tracking Number: U13

Location: Mission Rose Garden, Santa Barbara, California United States


this clue is a riddle with key words written as ciphers. take every thing that is with the book.

Go to the Plhbu plaza, Ufvup at the tallest Eucalyptus tree. Find the three headed Wvlmp. The Hptfek facing Utsu beach carries the item you seek.

Key: thequickbrownfxjmpsvlazydgt


One Response to “A book is now hiding in Santa Barbara, California United States”

  1. Padma Balaji

    I decoded the message, but “Wvlmp” couldn’t be decoded the same way the others were, and we were stuck trying to find something three-headed. We looked almost everywhere and still couldn’t find it. It might not be there, but it wouldn’t hurt to check!