Hidden on: 12/13/2017

Title: A Prairie Legacy #2: A Searching Heart

Author: Janette Oke

Tracking Number: AB81

Location: Bremen Public Library in Bremen Indiana, Bremen, Indiana United States


4.4,2.3,1.5, 1.2,3.4,3.4,1.3, 2.4,4.3, 1.4,4.3,5.2,3.3,4.3,4.4,1.1,2.4,4.2,4.3, 1.1,1.2,3.4,5.1,1.5, 4.4,2.3,1.5, 2.2,1.1,3.2,1.5,4.3,

5×5 cipher c and k same spot.

One Response to “A book is now hiding in Bremen, Indiana United States”

  1. Reader

    Ask at the desk if you can’t find it where the clue says