Hidden on: 01/03/2018

Title: Raymie Nightingale

Author: Kate DiCamillo

Tracking Number: AB94

Location: Morcom Rose Garden, Oakland, California United States


On the right,
Behind the wall,
In a bush,
By a waterfall

5 Responses to “(FOUND) A book is now hiding in Oakland, California United States”

  1. SAJA Highlands

    This book has been found but the person who found it has not posted it. Don’t go and look for it.

  2. SAJA Highlands

    Sorry. This person was not being truthful and I got confused. The book is still out there waiting to be found.

  3. Alex

    We found the book Sat. afternoon, however are having difficulty claiming the book. Will keep trying and in the meantime we are preparing a book for the East Bay…