Hidden on: 04/15/2018

Title: double fudge

Author: Judy Blume

Tracking Number: AD99

Location: wilmette public library, wilmette, IL United States


Cipher time! Look at the photo to solve the cipher. Actually now it’s cipher time! 123 go!

6 Responses to “A book is now hiding in wilmette, IL United States”

  1. BunnyBean

    Does anyone know if Mr. Griswold is still alive? If so, where does he live?

  2. BunnyBean

    who is the reader? What do I do when I find him/her? Thanks!

  3. BunnyBean

    Will everyone who is reading this please identify their self by telling me that they play BS? Because I also live in Wilmette and would like to know who is a Book Scavenger fan just like myself. And if you can not do that, will you be brave enough to wear your Book Scavenger pin as often as possible every moment you remember? Thank you infinitely!!


  4. cookie book

    if you’ve been to the outside of the library you should be able to see this person