Hidden on: 07/17/2019

Title: The Edge On The Sword

Author: Rebecca Tingle

Tracking Number: 9317

Location: West Lake Park, Broomfield, Colorado United States


Anne Of Green Gables
Page of Book: 21
Paragraph of Page: 7
Sentence of Paragraph: 4
Words of Sentence: 8-12

(The paragraph of page does not include the paragraph starting on the past page and ending on the 21st page)

One Response to “A book is now hiding in Broomfield, Colorado United States”

  1. Jayden D.

    I hid this book and the “West Lake Park” is not Westlake Middle School Park, it is West Lake Park. So there is a space in between West and Lake. You find it by following a specific path straight from Westlake Middle School Park.