Hello readers! This is Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, the author of the Book Scavenger series. Question . . . If I were to make Book Scavenger t-shirts available for sale for a short period of time, would you be interested? They would look like this (possibly a slightly different blue for youth sizes).

UPDATE! T-SHIRTS ON SALE October 22-November 4!  Visit this page to place your order. Shipping within United States only. (Postage would be twice the cost of the shirt to ship internationally, which I’m guessing would be a dealbreaker for most, so limiting to the US this time is simpler for me as I’m handling all the logistics myself.)


18 Responses to “Book Scavenger T-shirt?”

  1. Katelyn

    Yes yes yes to the 10th power yes!!! i am a student who enjoys reading(love the series btw) and i would love to show off my fandom! YES!!!!

  2. Hannah Fabel

    YES! YES! YES! Im TOTALLY IN!!! how much?! also: do u still sign books?

  3. Tracy Fabel

    CAN I GET ONE?! also since im talking to the AMAZING writer of Bookscavenger how do I figure out my level on bookscavenger web? I WOULD LOVE A TSHIRT HOW MUCH?

  4. Gabriella Warkentin

    Yes!! Ever since I read Book Scavenger I hoped there would be some BS paraphernalia to buy!

  5. Anonymously not anonymous

    Love the idea! By the way, you did amazing on the book series and I would love to see a 4th book or possibly a whole entire different series.(?!)
    Also, if the shirts do well then maybe you could try selling some pins. (like the ones frequently mentioned in the books)
    Just an idea. Anyway, take care! (I’ll be sure to buy a shirt some time too, if I can!)

    • jennifer

      Thank you! That’s very nice to hear. I love the idea of pins. I’ll keep that in mind for the future!